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Allegany College of Maryland Building Renovations

Location: Cumberland, Maryland Client: Allegany College of Maryland

JMT conducted an energy efficiency assessment of two buildings at the college and subsequently provided design of a hybrid geothermal and liquid propane heating system to provide optimal performance.

The Allegany College of Maryland is a small community college in the Western region of the state.  The college desired to perform a full building renovation for their 12,500 SF Auto-Technology Building and the 3,500 SF Physical Facilities Building with a focus on reducing operating costs and improving energy efficiency. 

 JMT's architects & engineers began with a facilities assessment of both buildings.  The assessment phase evaluated energy savings opportunities, space reconfigurations and life-cycle replacements for existing systems.   JMT then developed a variety of energy savings recommendations and provided them to the client along with a cost benefit analysis of the options.  The options assessed included adding additional interior insulation, adding exterior insulation only in order to potentially avoid disruption to the auto-technology spaces within the facility, as well as both interior and exterior insulation to the building.  After the cost analysis was conducted, it became apparent that it was most cost effective to provide increased interior insulation only.  Several window replacement and overhead door replacement options were evaluated for energy savings.  The assessment proceeded to the second phase where a design for the replacement of the doors, windows, added insulation to the interior of the building and space reconfigurations are being addressed.

In conjunction with the building envelope improvements, four mechanical systems were evaluated for energy savings, costs implications, and ease of maintainability.  Possible system improvements which were evaluated included replacing the existing system with the same electrically heated refrigerant cooled system, an oil fired system, a liquid propane system, and a geothermal system.  After careful analysis and discussions with the owner it was decided that a hybrid system combining geothermal and liquid propane would provide the best combination of energy savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and payback period.  JMT has completed the design of this hybrid replacement system and construction was completed in the end of 2011.

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