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BGE LEED Facility Assessments

Location: Baltimore, Maryland Client: Baltimore Gas & Electric

JMT worked with the Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BGE) to develop a LEED® master plan for utilization on all of its facilities.

JMT worked with the Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BGE) to develop a LEED® master plan for utilization on all of its facilities. This assessment was initiated as a means of providing energy savings to BGE in order to demonstrate to its customers a personal commitment to saving energy, reducing its environmental impact, and being responsible stewards of the environment.

JMT's work plan and project approach began with a review of BGE's portfolio of buildings across the state of Maryland including office space, warehouse space, and mixed use space. The review was focused on selecting buildings where LEED® for Existing Buildings (EB) would be successful. Successful buildings were selected based on the buildings' usage and energy consumption in order to base the master plan on a typical facility and to allow for an action plan template that could easily be modeled for use on all of BGE's buildings.

From this review, JMT and BGE targeted three facilities for a more in-depth analysis. The buildings targeted were the Lord Baltimore Building (a mixed-use warehouse and office facility), the General Electric (GE) Headquarters Building (a high-rise office building located in Baltimore City), and a small office building known as the Marketing Building. The three facilities were assessed using LEED®-EB to determine the best candidate for an initial certification based on ease of LEED® application, cost of improvements, and the benefits of the improvements to the owner. All three facilities were assessed using EPA's Energy Star Portfolio. Energy baselines played a key role in determining the facility to ultimately pursue for a complete LEED® assessment.

During the evaluation phase, JMT thoroughly reviewed each of the three facilities for inexpensive ways to reduce energy consumption. Through this review process it was discovered that during the previous separation of the GE Building from the One Center Plaza (both high rise buildings were connected and both operated by BGE at one point) the electric services were never separated. JMT was able to increase the energy star rating for the facility and reduce the Energy Utilization Index (EUI) by separating the utility bills. Energy usage by the other two facilities was also greatly reduced through extensive reviews of the buildings' controls systems. Building system run hours were reduced to accommodate the current use of both facilities. This resulted in greater equipment life and increased energy reduction for BGE.

The Lord Baltimore Building was ultimately chosen to pursue the LEED® EB certification based on recommendations from JMT. The facility received a water efficiency (WE) upgrade in order to meet the WE prerequisites, as well as an extensive review of the energy and control systems in order to achieve the Energy and Atmosphere prerequisite. As part of this effort JMT provided educational assistance to the facilities staff at BGE on the LEED® process as well as in methods of energy reduction for their facilities. JMTs knowledgeable staff members attended several work sessions with various officials within BGE in order to explain the benefits and implications of the proposed plan. Through this educational assistance, staff members at BGE were able to achieve the status of LEED® Accredited Professionals (AP).

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