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Campbell Soup Sewer Bypass Project

Location: Camden County, New Jersey Client: Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

JMT provided final design as well as construction management / inspection services for the permanent relocation of a 36" diameter sewer.

Camden County required infrastructure improvements to support the expansion of Campbell Soup's corporate offices and a new business park in the City of Camden's central business district as part of a broader gateway/revitalization project.  JMT provided design and construction management services on behalf of the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) for a permanent sanitary sewer bypass around the Campbell Soup headquarters.

Due to the depth of the sewer (20-25 feet) and the existence of another large brick sewer along the proposed route, the decision was made to install 1,500 LF of 36" diameter polycrete pipe using microtunneling.  Accuracy during installation was critical due to the very slight grade designed for the sewer pipe run.  The microtunneling process required the construction of two drive shafts and three receiving shafts, and a total of four drives between 300 LF and 400 LF were undertaken to accomplish the installation of the pipe. 

JMT successfully completed the 36" sewer bypass, allowing the full project to proceed on schedule.  When Campbell Soup Company opened its new world headquarters, executives commended the CCMUA for providing the utility infrastructure needed for the project.

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