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Construction Documentation System (CDS) for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Location: Statewide, Pennsylvania Client: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

JMT developed and implemented a system that provides Project Management/Control for use in maintaining construction documentation and project administration processes. 

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's existing system for documenting construction progress was a stand-alone, PC based application that had been modified by different users sufficiently so that it was no longer uniform across the Turnpike. As a result, it was very difficult to develop management reports that crossed project boundaries without manual intervention to standardize the data. In addition, problems with capturing, organizing, storing and presenting the field inspector's diary and supporting information generated during the course of a construction project affected everyone involved.  The application was developed using obsolete technology which required highly specialized programming expertise to generate project and management level reports.

As the prime consultant for this project, JMT developed business process flows documenting the current system and business processes.  Using this documentation, we worked with our client to develop and document improved business processes and systems requirements, taking into consideration business changes, all regulatory requirements, and current technologies commercially available.  We developed a comprehensive methodology for the review and evaluation of commercial off the shelf software (COTS) products.  After analyzing the capabilities of the COTS products compared to the Commission's requirements, the Commission decided to move forward with the development of a custom application, which was titled Construction Documentation System, Millennium Edition (CDSme)

JMT's development and implementation of CDSme allowed for faster, more flexible reporting of construction progress, provided an open system that was integrated into an overall Project Management/Control System (PMCS), and enabled the digital creation of Inspector Daily Reports.  The system also became more accessible by facilitating the use of personal digital assistants in the field where the work was done.  The underlying technical architecture for the CDS was Microsoft .NET to deliver the web based business applications, and the underlying database management systems were Microsoft MSDE, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle at the enterprise level, and SQL Server reporting services.

This project received a Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Pennsylvania.

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