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Elkton Road Corridor Study & Design

Location: Newark, Delaware Client: Delaware Department of Transportation

JMT staff performed traffic counts and completed a detailed Level of Service analysis for both existing and future (2030) conditions using SYNCHRO software.

Elkton Road supports many types of motoring and non-motoring users.  This urban arterial serves multiple industrial developments, as well as a high volume of pedestrians and bicyclists traveling to and from the University of Delaware campus.  JMT initially completed a planning and operation study for this four-lane highway to identify capacity, operational, safety and multi-modal deficiencies and to develop alternatives to address these problems.

Safety was considered from multiple perspectives.  JMT staff evaluated over 400 crashes over a three year period to identify high accident locations and to determine the root geographic and geometric causes.

Condition and safety features of the existing pedestrian and bicycle facilities were evaluated, including compliance with ADA requirements.  In addition, all bus stops were located and reviewed and improvements suggested for each.  The location of each bus stop was considered, and specific safety improvements were recommended.

The study area was divided into three subsections, and JMT developed three alternatives for each subsection to address the needs identified by the study.  The alternatives were presented to a multi-agency and public working group as well as at a public workshop.

JMT's design of improvements was based on the preferred alternatives involved pavement reconstruction, curb and sidewalk replacement, drainage improvements, widening, intersection improvements, continuous bicycle lane facilities, and utility relocations.  The construction documents included final plans, specifications/special provisions and an engineer's estimate.  Right of way plans were also prepared.

The Mid-Atlantic Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers honored JMT with the 2013 Project of the Year award for the work on Elkton Road. The project also earned a 2014 Engineering Excellence Conceptor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Delaware and a Certificate of Excellence from the American Society of Highway Engineers - First State.

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