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GIS Database Design & Development

Location: Laurel, Maryland Client: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

JMT Technology Group migrated existing water and sewer GIS asset data layers into a newly-designed database environment that would support multi-user and multi-feature editing.

JMT Technology Group designed and developed a GIS data model for the storage of WSSC water and sewer data including business rules for all tables, fields, keys, constraints, domains, and relationships.  After the database was established, the existing data was migrated into a seamless enterprise Oracle Spatial database establishing network topology that allowed WSSC to perform analysis that was not previously possible.  Extensive data scrubbing and quality control reviews were performed to the database to ensure the validity and integrity of the data.  JMT built multiple automation tools within the ArcGIS Desktop environment to support editing and enhancing WSSC's utilities geodatabase.

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