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Land Development Management Application

Location: Delaware Client: Delaware Department of Transportation

A JMT-designed application facilitates review and approval of plans for subdivisions and commercial entrances.

For years, the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Planning Review Division managed the land development review process using spreadsheets, discussion, and institutional knowledge. This approach was effective for a small volume of projects, but as Delaware continued to grow, so did our client's need to manage information.

JMT designed and developed a web-based Planning and Development Coordination Application for DelDOT to facilitate the review and approval process for Subdivision Record Plans, Subdivision Street Plans and Commercial Entrance Plans as well as to identify and manage required participants and cost contributions to offsite improvements. In addition to tracking development activity throughout its life-cycle, the solution evolved to facilitate and automate the components of a multistep process, from the initial traffic impact study to the cost contributions of developers.

Using GIS technology, reviewers can now interactively locate and define the boundaries of both projects and offsite improvements, perform spatial analysis, and generate reports based on spatial queries.  The application was developed using the ASP.NET 2.0 framework with Microsoft Ajax controls to increase usability and responsiveness. The data were stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database, with all reports created using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. The GIS technology was developed with the Adobe Flex framework and leveraged the ArcGIS Server 9.3 API for Flex. This technology provided a responsive mapping application with a compelling user-interface that was easily embedded into the existing land review application.

JMT's web-based solution streamlined the work flow process for reviewers by providing all project data in one location. DelDOT's project reviews are now more standardized and consistent, resulting not only in time saved to prepare reports but also in cost savings during construction and maintenance.

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