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Mainside Sewage Treatment Plant Repairs

Location: Quantico Marine Base, Quantico, Virginia Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Command

JMT provided designs for repairs and improvements on a design-build project to upgrade the nutrient removal capacity of the Mainside Sewage Treatment Plant.

JMT participated as part of a Design/Build Team to provide miscellaneous improvements to the Mainside Sewage Treatment Plant at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia.  JMT served as the lead designer for repairs and improvements, working closely with Design/Build team members to expedite the solutions.

The Mainside Sewage Treatment Plant was located adjacent to the Potomac River, had a design flow of 2.0 MGD, and experienced occasional peak wet weather flows up to 3.3 MGD. Since the Chesapeake Bay Initiatives required stringent nutrient removal for existing wastewater treatment plants located on the tributaries to the Bay, improvements needed to be made in order to achieve dependable compliance with NPDES permit limits.

The improvements proposed for the wastewater treatment plant generally included:

  • Addition of a second grit removal system
  • Structural inspection of flow equalization tank including the preparation of a report
  • Replacement of blowers associated with the flow equalization tanks and coarse bubble diffused aeration system on the bottom of the tank
  • Replacement of primary settling tank sludge control valves
  • Replacement and relocation of open channel UV disinfection system
  • Modifications to the acetic acid feed system
  • Replacement of polymer feed pumps
  • Replacement of DO probes and pH meters
  • Modifications to anaerobic digesters

JMT completed and submitted the final design for the project.

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