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New Castle County Comprehensive Plan

Location: New Castle, Delaware Client: New Castle County

JMT is working with the most populous county in Delaware to update its Comprehensive Plan, utilizing extensive public involvement and digital media to provide information about the progress of the Plan to the community.

JMT is currently working with New Castle County - Delaware's most populous county - to update its 2007 Comprehensive Plan. The County desires to follow a process that welcomes public participation and analyzes how our "new economy" has impacted the goals and strategies identified in its prior plan updates. Recent changes to County population, housing, and transportation demographics, as well as the 2010 Census data, also play major roles in this plan update.   

A primary element of this project is to solicit input from the public and surrounding community.  JMT is organizing and facilitating fourteen public workshops, using methods such as electronic voting devices and instantaneous summaries of responses, to obtain and incorporate new information with existing County-regulated data.  Such data will be presented in documents developed using GIS, CommunityVIZ, Sketchup, and other tools with the intention of identifying innovative approaches to land use management, preservation and conservation, and an increased tax base. JMT developed a project website that incorporated Mail Chimp, Twitter, and Survey Monkey to provide all interested persons with the opportunity to become involved in every aspect of the planning process and to remain informed on the progress of this plan.

The final stages of this project include the collaborative development of all associated maps and coordination with County officials to assist in the adoption of the updated plan.

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