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New Croton Dam Underwater Inspection

Location: Westchester County, New York Client: New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Atlantic Engineering, A JMT Company, performed the underwater inspection of the New Croton Dam.

The New Croton Dam is part of New York City's water supply system. The structure, 297 feet high with a 266-foot-wide base, was completed in 1906.

Atlantic Engineering, A JMT Company, performed an underwater inspection of the dam to determine the presence of any cracks.

The work included a visual underwater inspection of the upstream face of the main dam at approximately 100-foot intervals to a depth of 100 feet. An additional depth of 100 to 130 feet was inspected using a remote operated vehicle (ROV). Twelve locations were inspected along the dam, documenting defects on continuous video. In addition, the upstream face of the scour pipe was inspected using the ROV. A tracer die was deployed into the scour pipe at a depth of 130 feet to detect the presence of any leaks.

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