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Relocation of NOAA Weather Forecast Office

Location: Sterling, Virginia Client: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

JMT provided civil site design services for the relocation of the NOAA Weather Forecast Office (WFO) to a new building.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), owner and operator of Washington Dulles International Airport, built its fourth runway on the west side of the airport campus. Due to aircraft approach requirements, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Forecasting Office, located in close proximity to the new fourth runway, needed to be moved. The Federal Aviation Administration required that MWAA relocate the WFO Building as well as weather research sites, the Upper Air Inflation Building, and the WFO sanitary pump station.

JMT provided civil site design in support of the project, including roads and parking lots, site drainage and storm water management, wetland delineation, gravity sewers including a new pump station and force main, a water and fire main loop, landscaping, and survey for land acquisition.

More specifically, our improvements included the following:

  • JMT provided site design and water and sewer service to all impacted NOAA facilities. JMT designed a new two mile water main loop through the site large enough to serve all domestic water demands, several fire hydrants, and to the sprinkler system in the new WFO building.
  • JMT designed a new gravity collection system consisting of 8-inch PVC pipe throughout the NOAA campus. Three 8-inch sewer lines discharged into a new lift station which discharged into a new force main.
  • The site design included new site roadways with a 30 car parking lot for the new WFO Building, site storm water ponds, new perimeter fence with automatic gate vehicle entry system, and site landscaping. This is a LEED® Silver rated project.

JMT also performed all work necessary for obtaining permits with Loudoun Water, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Department of Transportation.

In addition to the design work necessary to relocate the affected facilities, JMT performed all metes and bounds surveys and developed the legal descriptions necessary for MWAA to acquire 40 acres of the NOAA site including an aviation easement and utility easements.

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