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Route 62 Corridor Smart Transportation Study

Location: Oil City, Pennsylvania Client: Northwest Pennsylvania Planning & Development Commission

JMT conducted a smart transportation study to help a community make informed decisions regarding transportation and land use.

Oil City, a 19th century oil boomtown located in northwest Pennsylvania, sought to invigorate its Route 62 corridor, the main access route into the south section of the city.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) encouraged smart transportation initiatives, which linked infrastructure investments to local land use planning and decision making, through its Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative program.  JMT worked with PennDOT, a project steering committee, and the local community to evaluate and analyze the implications of various solutions on the transportation network and overall land use. 

The study not only evaluated the Route 62 corridor for transportation solutions, but it also investigated transportation and land use related improvements within the downtown commercial/residential areas of the south side of Oil City.  JMT conducted several steering committee meetings and coordinated with the City, PennDOT, Venango County, Northwest Pennsylvania Planning and Development Commission, the local business association, and the public to better understand the community's vision for the south side of Oil City.

The study culminated with the development of a smart transportation report containing recommendations for improvements to the vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and transit networks.  JMT's study provided Oil City with a framework for potential enhancements to help sustain and revitalize the downtown area of the south side of Oil City while improving the overall safety of the community.

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