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Location: Baltimore, Maryland Client: Maryland State Highway Administration

The Maryland State Highway Administration's Office of Highway Development (OHD) develops and maintains a vast amount of highway design project information that provides value to engineers, planners and staff throughout the organization.

This information ranges from project locations, finances, and schedules to seventy year old scanned construction plans and as-built drawings. Historically, this data has been stored in a myriad of disparate databases and file room drawers making it challenging to maintain and difficult to access.

JMT Technology Group designed and developed the OHD GIS Portal to provide a centralized gateway to all OHD data organized by its geographic location. Users of the Portal now have the ability to search for and locate their area of interest on an interactive map and see the range of available OHD data for that location. More than just a web mapping application, the OHD GIS Portal is a framework for consolidating and organizing OHD data and tools to facilitate the management of State roadway projects throughout their full lifecycle. The OHD GIS Portal currently aggregates data for roadway projects, ADA compliance, property information, capital transportation projects, survey control points, and recorded video of State roadways providing access to disparate data for collaboration and overall project management.

JMT's GIS-based portal solution streamlined daily workflows by providing all necessary project data and information in one simple location. Accessible through the click of a mouse, SHA is eliminating time spent searching for content, gaining new efficiencies by viewing project areas not previously available in one geographic view, and ultimately, realizing cost savings throughout the project development process.

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