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Utility Viewer (UView) Application

Location: Baltimore, Maryland Client: Baltimore City

JMT Technology Group used GIS to reduce costs and increase speed of obtaining access to city utility records.

Today, agencies are challenged with the need to reduce costs and improve efficiencies without reducing services. Records research could be time consuming and labor intensive, making it a candidate for technology automation. Reducing time related to records research and retrieval while maintaining and improving records access was the motivation and goal of "UView," the City of Baltimore's Utility Viewer.

In collaboration with the City and a dedicated team of subconsultants, JMT Technology Group designed and implemented a solution that provides access to valuable information stored in a variety of databases to a vast collection of end users with diverse roles and responsibilities through a powerful, yet easy to use intranet based application accessible through a standard web browser. UView, built on ESRI's ArcGIS Server technology, enables users to quickly and accurately locate utility features that are affected by a particular problem or emergency situation. In addition to the geographic representation of the utility system, UView provides access to documents such as wastewater connection cards and utility plats through integration with the Enterprise Content Management system.

Individuals no longer need to travel from location to location, spending hours tracking down relevant information and documentation in order to make a decision, carry out an operation, or provide a service. With UView, all of this information and documentation is stored in a central repository through which multiple users can access the information and documentation simultaneously, thus opening a new era of direct collaboration and virtually instantaneous coordination.

The success of UView has resulted in the expansion of the system to address other business needs within the City.

Views within UView include:


To meet the individual requirements of the City's Consent Decree with the EPA to reduce sewer overflows, CDView allows users to view inspection reports, site reports, sewershed study data, manhole and sewer ratings, and CCTV inspection video links.


Customer service is improved through CSRView, which enables any number of business cases to be addressed with minimal implementation efforts for service requests related to stormwater systems, documents, photos and emails.


Users may view Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant system lines and valves and related documents, providing ease of access to crucial information for plant engineers.


Right of way and easement data are available, including related block plat drawings, reference and legal documentation, all linked spatially in one convenient location.


Historical borings and test pits information with location and table results, collected over the last 100 years, are made available with the click of a mouse.


Inspection area boundaries are viewable, while hydrant data depict status based on actual Fire Department inspection activities.

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