Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is a natural approach that effectively takes water "out of the pipe" and puts it to work in an ecologically beneficial way -- to capture, clarify, infiltrate, or otherwise reuse it to maintain or restore natural hydrologic functions and habitat values. Today, many communities look closely at the watersheds in which they live, work, and play, seeking to incorporate green infrastructure to improve the ecological functions within their watershed. Several environmental mandates -- NPDES and MS4 Permits, Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), EPA Executive Orders, and new Stormwater Management regulations, for example -- often form a regulatory driver for such efforts. In other cases, community and grass-roots initiatives are principle in the drive to improve aquatic ecology. JMT helps clients meet these goals and challenges.

At JMT, we recognize that watershed planning must be adaptive and comprehensive in order to integrate the management of stormwater runoff, agricultural runoff, septic systems, residential and commercial initiatives, and sanitary treatment processes. Green infrastructure is a major component of this approach. We possess the ecological and engineering design and construction management expertise to make such goals a reality. Our professionals can provide green infrastructure expertise and assistance in the following ways:

  • Stormwater intervention and retrofit programs -- rain gardens, stormwater wetlands, bioretention, porous pavements, green roofs, infiltration planters, etc.
  • Environmental Site Design (ESD) and Low Impact Development (LID) Practices
  • Stream and ecological restoration BMPs
  • Upland BMPs
  • Urban hydrologic and surface water flow goals
  • Dry and wet weather hydrodynamics
  • Peak hydrograph reduction
  • Rooftop disconnection programs
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Natural landscape preservation and restoration
  • Comprehensive land use planning
  • Forest canopy conservation planning
  • Watershed characterization and planning
  • Community and stakeholder outreach
  • Grant application assistance


Complete with Mural S

Academy for College and Career Exploration Greening Project

JMT designed a sustainable, low-cost solution to address stormwater treatment at a school.

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Stump Park Site Plan & Construction Documents

JMT completed a park development plan that promoted recreational activities while emphasizing conservation of natural and heritage resources.

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Penn Park Master Plan

JMT helped develop a master plan for the revitalization of a 15-acre downtown park.

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Leatherman's Run Wastewater Retrofit Prioritization

JMT helped restore and realign approximately 1,000 feet of stream within the South Christiana watershed. 

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Baltimore Rain Garden

JMT provided design support, surveying, and personnel training services to the Herring Run Watershed Association, now known as Blue Water Baltimore.

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Kelly Drive Stormwater Retrofit & Tributary Restoration

JMT prepared and submitted final design plans and specifications for proposed Best Management Practices (BMP) for stormwater management (SWM) retrofits at various locations within Philadelphia's Fairmount Park East Park Plateau.

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Anchorage Canal Watershed Assessment & Pollution Control

JMT teamed with the Center for Watershed Protection (CWP) to develop a stormwater retrofit strategy to reduce pollution in the highly urbanized Anchorage Canal Drainage Area and independently prepared design plans and construction oversight for the first two implementation projects within the watershed.

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