Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Efforts to implement a sustainable business operations approach should include performing a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory and Carbon Footprint Analysis (CFA). A GHG Inventory compiles all emissions data from products, processes and lifestyle activities of a company or government entity. GHG gases can be a result of transportation, waste processes, facility energy usage, and production of goods, among others. Once the GHG data is sorted and analyzed, a mitigation plan may be developed and implemented to reduce the carbon footprint of the owner.

JMT is uniquely positioned to assist clients with CFAs and GHG Inventories.  We have experts on staff who understand all forms of transportation and the operations associated with them, along with facility energy experts and waste specialists. JMT's sustainability experts coordinate with transportation, facility, and waste engineers to provide a full-service GHG Inventory, CFA, action plan, and implementation assistance.

Some of our services include the following:

  • Transportation emissions
  • Water and wastewater emissions
  • Facilities energy analysis
  • Green infrastructure
  • Alternative energy