Planning encompasses a broad range of disciplines that is the ground work for virtually all architectural and engineering projects. Transportation, facilities, water/wastewater, and every other type of project will require some element of planning to allow engineering efforts to proceed. From full environmental studies and development of alternates to simply acquiring land use permits, planning is a necessity to move your projects forward.

JMT, through our multi-disciplinary planning staff, provides required planning, engineering, environmental, and consensus building services to Federal, state and local clients. Our services range from regional and community-based planning for comprehensive master plans, and feasibility studies, to project planning for context sensitive streets and highways, transit, airport, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

JMT's approach to planning includes a holistic approach that incorporates transportation and community needs, environmental resources, cost effective and innovative solutions. These services are provided using a variety of public involvement techniques and forums, relying on an extensive array of JMT-developed graphics -- from static displays to 3D animations -- to build client and community consensus for the plan or project.

Technical studies and recommendations are provided for key planning elements such as: developing purpose and need or goal setting; identification, quantification and evaluation of NEPA & state required environmental resources and impacts for land use and transportation; traffic data collection, travel forecasting and analysis; economic development; historic preservation; housing and community services; alternative development; and project and facility cost estimating.  JMT's approach to planning focuses on the development of recommendations based on coordination with Federal, state, and local resource agencies to ensure the elements can obtain all required permits and approvals and can be constructed.