Traffic Studies & Analysis

Projects within transportation planning include: evaluating highways, local streets, corridors, and intersections / interchanges; transit modes, alignments, and stations; pedestrian and bicycle facilities; understanding the natural, social and economic environment; ADA compliancy; Complete Streets and ensuring Context Sensitive solutions are found. 

JMT's Transportation Planning Department is comprised of engineers, planners, GIS analysts, landscape architects, and graphic artists that are committed to providing our clients with transportation solutions that meet the demands of the region, provide environmental stewardship, and work closely with area stakeholders and community members to ensure all aspects of the solution have been coordinated through the public involvement process. We have extensive experience in completing transportation and transit projects from the beginning, identifying the purpose and need, alternate selection, through NEPA process and documentation.  JMT has successfully worked through the Public Involvement process within transportation planning to build consensus among community members and stakeholders.  JMT continues to think "outside the box" presenting new alternatives and options that utilize cutting edge design and technology that can be carried forward into full design and are permittable and constructable. JMT has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the transportation planning field and can provide the following services to meet the needs of every project:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Environmental Planning
  • Highway Planning
  • Intersection / Interchange Planning
  • Transit Alternative Analysis
  • Station Planning
  • Modal Analysis
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle plans
  • Pedestrian Safety Improvements
  • Safe Routes to School design
  • Key Stakeholder and Public Involvement
  • Community Surveys
  • Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Urban Design
  • ADA Compliancy
  • Complete Streets


Garfield Parkway Streetscape

Garfield Parkway1 M

Bethany Beach, Delaware

JMT designed a safe and visually appealing streetscape for a busy tourist beach town. 

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IDIQ Engineering Services Contract for NAVFAC Atlantic


Norfolk, Virginia

JMT supports military construction (MILCON) projects for NAVFAC Atlantic under an A-E services IDIQ contract.

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GL Trail 1 S

Georgetown to Lewes Pedestrian and Bicyclist Trail

JMT designed 1.1 miles of pedestrian/bicyclist trail along railroad right-of-way in Delaware.

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US 50 Study1 S

US 50 Crossing Study of Sinepuxent Bay

JMT prepared a detailed bridge crossing study of the Harry W. Kelley Bridge and US 50 roadway approaches into Ocean City, MD.

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Penns Landing 2S

Penn’s Landing Redevelopment Study

JMT evaluated the feasibility of a proposed waterfront revitalization in Philadelphia.

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Rehoboth Avenue Streetscape

JMT transformed an oceanside Main Street with modern public amenities, streetscape enhancements, complete roadway and utility infrastructure replacements, and new iconic features.

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Gettysburg TMP-4-S

Gettysburg Transportation Management Plan

JMT developed a Transportation Management Plan to handle greatly increased local traffic during the commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

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Maryland Mobility Report

JMT helped develop the inaugural Maryland Mobility Report, which evaluated roadway transportation system operations statewide.

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